Beth Miller

“Jacq is the person I turn to when I can’t make something work in my writing. She is always able to help me improve it, even when things seem hopeless! I love the way she works. She is gentle and focuses on what I want the writing to say and do, but never shies away from challenging my half-baked ideas when necessary, though always with a great sense of humour. She works on an individual basis, which means she doesn’t have a one-size-fits all approach.

She has the utmost respect for each writer’s voice, and helps the writer draw out that voice and make the best possible use of it. She gets results too, most recently she helped me turn around a short story that wasn’t working. She helped me uncover the story’s purpose and theme, something I could never have done on my own. I went away and rewrote it. Jacq’s voice in my head and a couple of months later, it won an award in a competition! I cannot recommend her more highly. In fact, I am always recommending her. Do yourself and your writing  a favour and benefit from Jacq’s great experience and wisdom.”