Teaching and Mentoring


Great Use of an old phone box in Somerset!

As  a writing tutor and coach, I am passionate about supporting writers to develop their skills and strongly believe there isn’t a one size fits all approach to becoming a stronger writer. My own motto as a tutor  and writer is a simple one: aim to be a stronger writer tomorrow, than you are today. This means write often  and read widely. Belonging to a writer  group, coming to a workshop or having a piece of writing critiqued will support you with developing your writing skills. I regularly attend a writing group and find the constructive criticism I receive from the group members to be invaluable . Having other trusted  readers give feedback can save a lot of time – they will often spot the weakness quickly in a piece of writing you’ve been struggling with and offer solutions. It can take courage to share your writing but once you do, hopefully you will see immediate benefits.

I teach Creative Writing for the Open University on their MA in Creative Writing and also on Advanced Creative for undergraduates . I also regularly teach short  courses for Sussex Downs College. From time to time I run my own courses in and around Sussex.

It is always a pleasure to be asked to run a workshop or give a talk for writing groups and in the past I’ve given workshops on topics such as a character development, scripting, and editing for groups such as:

Inkspot Writers at Pevensey Bay 

Hastings Writer’s Group

Anderida Writers

Three hot off the press publications from poet Liz Bahs, novelist Martin Nathan and short story writer Alfred Gardner. I had the privilege of supporting these writers as they worked towards publication.


I work with writers in a variety of different ways depending on their needs. My feedback and advice is given with respect for the voice of the writer. I won’t tell you to try and sound different, each writing voice is unique so my aim is to help you strengthen yours.

My critiques are thorough and in-depth analyses of all the major elements of a story. I check for clarity, structure, pacing, sentence structure and voice, and may look specifically at story arcs, plot, point of view, style, language, characterisation, dialogue and setting. Not all of these elements will be relevant to every narrative, so my reading of your writing is specific to your story.

Please note my attention will be given to the aspects mentioned above; I don’t copy-edit your writing (so I may point out a repeated spelling or grammar error for example – but I don’t correct them). My aim is to point out aspects that need developing, explain why they need developing and make suggestions. I give feedback in a constructively critical style and will also point out what you do well – all writers need to hear what needs reworking, but also what they are already doing successfully, so you don’t waste valuable time tinkering with the good bits!

I aim to return writing within 4-6 weeks of receiving it, but when we discuss this I will always let you know my availability. I am happy to have manuscripts emailed to me or to work with hard copy printouts. Please format your writing in 12 font and double space your manuscript – makes it easy to read.

I also offer coaching sessions where we can discuss writing issues/challenges and devise strategies for overcoming them. I know that it isn’t always just about the writing itself – it can often be about the writing process, or you simply want to discuss a technique or follow up a critique with a session where we discuss my feedback further. If you’d like to work with me, or have any questions, I look forward to hearing from you!


⁕Please note many writers submit extracts rather than their full manuscript and then use my detailed guidance to develop the rest of the manuscript on their own. They find that my notes “teach” them to spot and resolve their own writing issues.
⁕Shorter extracts than those listed below would be a proportion of the fee – for example up to 5,000 words of a longer work would be £55. 5, 000-10,000 words would be £110.



Up to 15,000 words – which may be the opening extract or full length £165
Up to 30,000 words – which may be the opening extract or full length £275
Up to 60,000 words – full manuscript £360
For manuscripts longer than 60,000 words £360 base rate + £5 for every additional 1000 words


Short Stories

Up to 2,500 words  £75
Each additional 1000 words (Over 2,500) £10
Stories are charged individually

60 minute Coaching session £45
90 minute Coaching Session £65

⁕Payment can be made via BACS/PayPal/Cheque
⁕Please include a synopsis of longer works with your submission (if you have one)