About me

My website is all about the writing – and there have been many strands to my life providing inspiration. I spent my early years in Belfast before my family emigrated to Sydney, Australia. We then moved to rural New South Wales, which I loved until I became a restless teenager and my desire to return to urban living stirred. My escape route came when I was offered a place at the University of NSW in Sydney to study English Lit and Drama.

I was clearly never destined to stay in one place and moved again, this time to Western Australia, where I lived for twelve years following graduation. Then I met my English husband whilst working in China for an Australian magazine. Now I live in the gorgeous South of England. Unpicking the idea of home, identity and belonging is the writing itch that motivates me!

If you are interested in a writing project or just getting under way and need some encouragement or someone to wield the red pen (in a supportive way and constructive way of course!) then have a look at what I offer with my writing coach hat on. I am a certified writing coach through NAWE (National Association of Writers in Education). I have an MA in Creative Writing from Sussex University and twenty years’ experience teaching creative writing.

I teach for the Open University on their Advanced Creative Writing module and on their MA in Creative Writing. I also teach for Sussex Downs College and often run my own courses in addition to my one-to one coaching work.

As you can see, my working life is about the writing – my own and other writers I’m privileged to engage with. If you’d like to get in touch, please do, it would be great to hear from you!