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“Jacq is the person I turn to when I can’t make something work in my writing. She is always able to help me improve it, even when things seem hopeless! I love the way she works. She is gentle and focuses on what I want the writing to say and do, but never shies away … Continue reading Beth Miller

Beth Miller

The character development workshop led by writer and tutor, Jacq Molloy for Inkspot Writers has been described as ‘flippin’ brilliant’  by organiser, Jacky Long, who also said “Jacq delivered an excellent evening which was entertaining, inspiring and educational”.

Inkspot Writers

“Now, I’ve been to writing workshops before where we’re all sat in rows facing the front (fingers on lips, looking at the backs of other’s heads) while a tutor talks away and we all take notes with maybe a couple of writing exercises here and there. ‘Flying with Words’ was the complete opposite. Everyone sat … Continue reading Something Literary Workshop

Something Literary Workshop